Paying too much?

We are offering unlimited VDSL/ADSL broadband at an amazing $79 per month (including GST). Simply fill in the form below to get started. There's no fixed/minimum term on the contract, so you're free to cancel or change your service at any time.

Please note that this offer is only available to homes and businesses where ADSL and VDSL is already available. If you are connected to rural-broadband using a wireless connection or 4G, we provide Wireless Internet services as well. Please contact us to discuss if your location is within a coverage area.

We've recently updated our plans and pricing.   Our prices are set competitively and our support services makes us the smart choice.

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All prices include New Zealand GST @ 15% - installation / setup costs apply - please contact us to discuss the options.  

What is ADSL/VDSL?

ADSL and VDSL is broadband that is provided over copper phone lines. You can typically get ADSL (up to 30Mbps download) if you're within 7KM of a capable phone cabinet and VDSL (up to 100Mbps) if you're within 3KM of a capable phone cabinet.

Why is this so cheap? Is it fast?

We don't throttle (control internet traffic) to the extent that some providers will, but we do require that your use of unlimited data is reasonable and fair. Your Internet experience will depend on a number of different things like how fast your computer is, how far away you are from your modem if you're using WiFi, where the websites you use are hosted and how many other people are using your internet at the same time as you. Being a local company with a broad knowledge of IT, we go above and beyond many other ISPs to investigate the causes of slow Internet for our customers.

Can I get a static IP address?

All of our ADSL/VDSL connections are provided with a static IP address free of charge.